How We Can Help

How We Help…

We have helped our clients, from Fortune 50 firms to start-up companies, with their sales and sales management staffing needs. We are experts at recognizing talent and abilities in driving sales and revenue.

We Are Directly Involved…

We have been directly associated, both domestically and internationally, within the information services and technology industry since 1988.

We assist you through the phases of every search:

Taking a complete job order. We understand that hiring talented salespeople is one of your top priorities and that your company’s success depends upon your team’s success. WE LISTEN to you and respond to your needs by referring on the best of the hundreds of candidates whom we screen and interview every week.
Presentation of qualified and applicable candidates. We will not bombard you with resumes. We will pinpoint our clients’ needs and hot spots and present applicable candidates. We will arrange all stages of the interview process, check references, verify salary, and provide in writing. We will assist in the negotiation of the offer\start date.
Assist throughout the transition. Planned timely follow-up with the managers and new employees has been very valuable in the transition and learning curve for both parties.

An unfilled sales position costs a company money. Based on industry surveys, a contributing salesperson’s value to a company (in terms of revenue) is 5-7 times annual salary. If a 100k position is open for a year, the opportunity cost is over $500,000. That is why we commit ourselves to a few number of searches and move professionally and quickly. We aggressively identify and present the right candidates.

And we will deliver, guaranteed.